Thank you so much for stopping by this portion of our website.  Maybe you were directed here by a tract that someone gave you, pointed here by a friend, or simply stumbled upon this page by "coincidence."  Well, we do not believe in coincidence, and we do not believe that you are here by accident.  It is our hope and belief, that God in His providence has led you to this page for a purpose.  It is our prayer that He is beginning a good work in you and we are humbled and honored to play a small role in what God might be doing in your life.

      If you have questions about the good news of Jesus Christ, or you are simply hungry to learn more, this page is for you.  There are several videos that you can watch below, as well as some articles, Bible studies, and audio sermons.  Please take time to watch, listen, read, and explore.  And then, please contact us here to let us know what God is doing in your life and if we can be of any help to you as you seek to know more.   

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