This week we spent some time reviewing, and simplifying, our vision at FBC.  I hope that you will take some time to watch, or listen, to the message.  You can also read the sermon outline and consider some application questions from the message as well.  

This week, you will be getting your devotions from a good friend of mine: Gene Pickern.  Gene has been in ministry fro more than 40 years, and has served as one of my closest friends and mentors for almost 20 of those years.  He was a missionary in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and currently pastors Beulah Church in Millsap, TX. He will challenge and encourage you this week, so don't miss it!

Thanks for your willingness to pray for the nations and dig into God's Word with us!

You can watch the message from yesterday below!

A Recap of the 2018 Vision


Below is the graphic we used to tie this message together.  

Please Pray and Share!