Thank You for Your Support!


I would hope that you have noticed by now that, though Mission Surge is a 501c3 non profit ministry, we do not do much talking or blogging about money...especially for our own work.  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and if He see's fit to provide funds, He does.  Of course, He does it through His people.  For this reason I want to say thank you to those who have financially supported, are supporting, or one day will support this ministry.

As I have mentioned before, we have a good number of missionaries that we are connected with who can always use help for housing, transportation, resources for ministry, and often large projects.  I don't keep any money that comes in to Mission Surge.  It is all used to provide resources and to provide for those serving the Lord overseas.  Thank you for those of who have given, are giving, and will give.  Your gifts from 2015-2017 made it possible for Mission Surge to provide salary and support to two indigenous missionary families in Italy.  Since then Entrusted Word Ministries has been handling all of this support.  I wanted you to know however that your giving made it possible for us to bless both of these missionary families with sizeable donations this week.  Thank you for making that possible!  This was a surprise to them and a great blessing, and that is possible because people give.  I Thank you!  And they thank you.  To learn more about the work in Italy you can click below.  Thanks!