Do you want to Help with a Real and Urgent Need in Papua New Guinea?


I have some friends who are serving in PNG among an unreached, unengaged people group.  These people were unreached and unengaged for a reason...they were extremely hard to get to.  This family of 4 has to trek with all the supplies they can physically carry via prop plane, on foot long distance, and then by boat to get to their hut among the people they are seeking to reach.  They desperately need to get an air strip built for the sake of their health, their ministry, and for the good of the people they are reaching out to.  The airstrip will cost roughly $15,000.  You can read more about their work, and their needs at the link below.  You can give directly to them via their blog/website, or if you choose to give through Mission Surge, you can do so as well.  Just make a note that it is designated to PNG.

The Gibello family lives in Papua New Guinea doing pioneer Gospel mission work. Please watch and share this video to help build the mission house at Moka.

Thank You!!!