Pray for the Gibello Family in PNG

I want to introduce you to some friends of ours who are serving on the front lines in Papua New Guinea among an unreached people group, known as the Moka.  I want to encourage you to read, pray, and share with other, and be sure to follow them on their blog, which is linked below in this email.  Thanks!

Home on Furlough!

As we traveled from PNG to NJ I was able to see a lot of change throughout the world. Our family traveled on four continents in 1 week (Australia/Oceania, Asia, Europe, & North America). It was a great homeschooling ‘fieldtrip.’ I have seen first-world to third-world: New Jersey to New Guinea, New York City to Moka. We have seen, heard, touched, and smelled people from all over God’s earth. It has been an eye-opener for our family to experience so many different people, all created in the image of God.

Here in the west, we live easy and comfortable lives; often many of us do not realize this fact. I am glad to have been born into America; and I enjoy living in America when we are on furlough. God has indeed blessed this country in many ways. But there is more to reality than meets the average American-eye. Consider the people in our village of Moka, who, for thousands of years, have been dying with no hope and going to hell because they have never heard the Gospel message. They live simple lives, and compared to us in the west, have nothing of this world’s ‘goods.’ So remember to thank God often for the many Gospel blessings you have here in the west, especially biblical preachers and Gospel-churches. Jesus, by His Word and Spirit, has saved countless in the west, and transferred many from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God. Pray with us that many will be saved in Moka and the surrounding villages, that they too will be a part of Jesus’ eternal and blessed Kingdom.

I will continue to write my Moka journal entries while I am on furlough in the States. You can read our blog as we travel here in America. We will be visiting many churches and individuals, supports and partners. Be part of this Gospel ministry with us, and let us together see the wonderful works of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Click the blog link below to check out our blog, and please forward this to your contacts via email and facebook that more would read of Jesus' work in pioneer Gospel missions

Thank you for your willingness to pray for missionaries.  There are many missionaries around the world that we are connected with that we cannot share or publicize, so it is great to be able to forward news and information to you from people like the Gibello's.  If you would like more information on missionaries in more closed and restricted areas, I would be glad to share with you  needs that they have in a more secure fashion.  Thanks again for your prayers and support!