Please pray and please support this missionary.

Please pray for our mission team as we leave for Zambia Tuesday evening.  Annabelle Brown, Myself, Luke Ivy, Levi Ivy, Brooke Neal, and Ashley Renfrow will be traveling to Lusaka to work with missionaries there until November 8.  Annabelle will be staying until the end of the month.  Please pray for us often as you think about it.

I also want to encourage you to consider giving to support the work of a good missionary friend that we have who is serving in a closed country in Central Asia.  I cannot give his full name or put his country name in the text of this newsletter, but I can attach his website (which is also vague) and a video below of one of his initial trips from 2014.  If you would be willing to make a small or large one time or recurring donation to this brother, please contact me directly and I will give you his full name so that you can give through their clearing house...or you can give directly to Mission Surge and we will forward it on to him.  

Thank you for your willingness to give and to pray!  Please continually lift us up as we travel to Zambia, work there, and return home.  

1.  Please pray that God would protect us as we travel.
2.  Please pray that God would keep us physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and strong.
3.  Please pray that God would go before us and prepare hearts.
4.  Pray that God would go with us, open doors to us, and use us greatly while there.
5.  Pray that God would continue working powerfully after we are gone.
6.  Please pray specifically that God would do a powerful powerful work in our hearts and lives while we are there!  We need revival.  We need growth.  We need God to work in our lives on this trip.  Please pray for us.  

I greatly appreciate your prayers for us.  

In Christ,