Important Prayer need and opportunity

Please pray for an upcoming Africa mission and consider an amazing opportunity to be a part of reaching an unreached people in Papua New Guinea.

Dear Friends of Mission Surge,

I wanted to ask you to please be in prayer for me as I travel to Africa as part of a mission team (which includes my two oldest sons on their first overseas trip).  We will be leaving on October 30 and returning on November 8.  We will do some minor construction work for a couple of days, but most of our time will be spent helping a new church do evangelism and discipleship in their community.  I will also be teaching in the local seminary chapel service.  

1.  Please pray that God would protect us as we travel.

2.  Please pray that God would keep us physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and strong.

3.  Please pray that God would go before us and prepare hearts.

4.  Pray that God would go with us, open doors to us, and use us greatly while there.

5.  Pray that God would continue working powerfully after we are gone.

6.  Please pray specifically that God would do a powerful powerful work in our hearts and lives while we are there!  We need revival.  We need growth.  We need God to work in our lives on this trip.  Please pray for us.

7.  And finally, please pray for one of the team members who will be staying in Africa until the end of the month.  

I greatly appreciate your prayers for us.  

I would also like to make those of you who give faithfully to Mission Surge aware of the fact that your gifts have made it possible for us to make a generous donation to the Moka air strip fund of Caleb and Mellissa Gibello in Papua New Guinea.  We, and they, thank you so much for your generosity!  If any of you would like to contribute to this effort you can read more about it below and give directly to the Gibellos for this effort!  Just make sure you designate your gift to “Building of Moka Airstrip.”


Please pray for us as often as you think of it over these next 2 weeks!  I will look forward to updating you upon our return.  Thanks again!