Today we pray for the Nation of Israel and Meditate on the Magi

Today we are praying for the country of Israel.  Please help us  lift up this nation to the Lord today.  You can follow the two links below to learn more about the nation and its unreached people groups.  You can watch the video below to help guide you in your prayers.  If you want to pray for more nations in North Africa and the Middle East you can click HERE and explore the different nations and peoples that makes up the region.  

Please take time to meditate on the devotion as well.  

You can learn more about the nation of Israel by clicking here

You can learn about the different unreached people groups of Israel by clicking here

Please pray for the nation of Israel by joining in prayer with the video below.

Israel. The Chosen People and the Promised Land of scripture stand as testaments to the faithfulness of God's promises. Despite having very limited natural resources, Israelis have developed thriving agricultural and industrial sectors in less than twenty years.

Watch the above video and pray for the requests listed at the end.

Today's Devotional Thought

The first type of gift that the magi gave the Christ-child were gifts of gold.  Gold is used to symbolize at least 3 things.  First, power.  Gold was used to symbolize the power of nobility.  We find in 2 Samuel 12:30  that David took the crown of the Ammonite king from his head; and its weight was a talent of gold.  The king of the Ammonites was identified by a crown of gold; a crown weighing a full talent.  The only way that David could have removed this crown from his head was because he was more powerful.  Because of David’s superiority, he took the crown for himself.  Gold is used to symbolize the power of the king.  Secondly, gold symbolizes purity.  We read in Job 23:10   "But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”  This young king was pure and would remain pure throughout His entire earthly life.  Though He was tempted in every way like us, yet He was without sin.  He would be a pure king.  Thirdly, gold often symbolizes prosperity.  We read in Isaiah 2:7, “Their land has also been filled with silver and gold, and there is no end to their treasures.”  Though this king would have nowhere to lay His head, He would own the cattle on a thousand hills.  He owns everything!  Golden gifts would indeed be fitting for such a king as Jesus:  an eternally powerful, pure, and prosperous ruler.

The second type of gift that the magi gave the Christ-child were gifts of frankincense.  Frankincense is symbolic of at least two things.  First, frankincense can symbolize prayer.  We read in Revelation 5:8, “And when He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, having each one a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”  

Frankincense symbolizes prayer accepted before God.  This king would intercede for His people without ceasing before the throne of the Father! What better gift, than one that symbolizes prayer.  Another thing that frankincense symbolizes is praise.  Frankincense is highly fragrant when burned, and was used in worship.  Leviticus 2:1-2 says, “Now when anyone presents a grain offering as an offering to the

LORD, his offering shall be of fine flour, and he shall pour oil on it and put frankincense on it… a soothing aroma to the LORD.”  This king would be worthy of praise and would make our praise worthy through his life, death, burial, and resurrection.

Please pray and share!