Today we pray for the Nation of Mauritania and Us

Made up entirely of Sahara desert and bordering the Senegal River, Mauritania comes from the Latin word Mauretania, which means "west." The African nation was founded to create an alliance between France and the Arab-Berber theocracy and to connect French black West African colonies with Algeria in the north.

Pray for Mauritania!

Please pray for us!

1.  Pray for me as I preach this Sunday that God would speak in spite of me.  Please pray now that souls would be saved!

2.  Pray for us as we travel separately next week to visit family for Thanksgiving.  Pray for safety and a time of refreshing.  

3.  Please pray that our home in MS would sale and that God would provide us a home here in TN in His perfect timing.
4.  Please pray that God would lead, guide, direct, and open doors for Mandy and I as we seek who we should be personally discipling and as we seek to engage internationals in middle TN. 

5.  Please pray for our family to continue to draw closer to the Lord and to one another.  Pray for God's protection over us as there is a war raging in the heavenly realm.  

Please pray and share!